Products for prizes

Approximately 4,000 adolescents try their first cigarette each day, resulting in addiction to nicotine and other harmful substances, and risking immediate and serious health problems like respiratory and non-respiratory effects.

In effort to inform the academic community about the effects of tobacco, Program Council held a program at noon yesterday in the LSC Mall area.

It is important to be educated on the poisons and toxins that infiltrate cigarettes and what this means for not only you and your health, but also your environment.

The fight against tobacco has been happening over a decade, yet smoking addictions haven’t ceased.

“Tobacco Awareness is an event to get students to trade tobacco products for prizes,” said Angel Hall, executive director of program council. “We just want students to become more aware of the effects of tobacco.”

Imitation cigarettes as well as brochures on tar blockers were passed out.

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