Senate members elected from various colleges

The Student Government Association is trying to fill all the vacant senator positions.

As of Tuesday night’s meeting, SGA has two open spots in the College of Criminal Justice, nine open in the College of Education, seven open in the College of Business, two open in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and four open in Arts and Sciences.

If interested in becoming a senator, the SGA has meetings every Tuesday at 6 p.m. in LSC room 320. To be eligible to be nominated into the senate, the candidate must attend two SGA meetings and two committee meetings.

The College of Education, which has the most vacant positions, will begin recruiting in the Teacher Education Building.

The only senator in the College of Education, Derrick Almeida, said that trying to find senators for Education is tough because the students are always out getting field experience.

At the meeting, six new senate members were elected from various colleges. The College of Criminal Justice filled three senate seats with the election of Edward Trey Owens, Gloria Goolsby, and Lauren Moody.

Owens is a senior majoring in Criminal Justice with a minor in Political Science. He was in SGA last fall, but left to intern with the legislature. He is involved with the External Affairs committee.

“I have a lot of really good ideas for External Affairs and things we can do to make Sam Houston have a presence in the state of Texas,” Owens said.

Gloria Goolsby is also a senior Criminal Justice major, who is involved with Internal and External Affairs Committee, Program Council, Golden Key, Society of Forensic Science, and is pledging for Lambda Alpha Epsilon.

When asked if she would have enough time to dedicate to SGA she responded, “Once I’m involved with something, I go through with it.”

Lauren Moody is a senior double majoring in Criminal Justice and Political Science. She is also involved with External Affairs and holds a Community Service Chair in Lambda Alpha Epsilon.

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences filled two of their senate seats with the election of Sara Goolsby and Shinu George.

Sara Goolsby is a junior Mass Communications major with an emphasis in video broadcast production. She is currently in Program Council and at Lone Star Community College in Tomball, where she transferred from, she was the SGA President.

George is a junior majoring in psychology. She is involved with Internal and External Affairs Committee and Program Council.

Theresa Goolsby, a sophomore majoring in Art, was elected as a senator for Arts and Sciences. She is in Program Council and involved with both Internal and External Affairs Committee.

Also discussed at the meeting by External Affairs Chief William Caron is the ongoing discussion by the City Council meeting about extending drinking hours from midnight until 2 a.m. Caron, who attended the City Council meeting last week, said that City Council is having a continuous on the discussion at the next meeting. He announced that External Affairs is going to conduct a survey of the students to gain data about the drinking habits of students and their opinion on pushing back the drinking time.

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