Talk the Talk

Walk the walk, look the part, and dress for success, because first impressions are everything.

All is well, until you actually get the job. Wearing the appropriate attire won’t obtain you a higher salary, nor can looking the part boost your benefits. Learning how to talk the talk and being well equipped with techniques to negotiate business is your best bet in entering the job world.

Career Services held a workshop yesterday from 12:30-1:30 in ABIV in suite 210 to discuss job offer and salary negotiations.

Pam Laughlin hosted the event where drinks, cookies, and tons of information were provided to the attendees.

Laughlin discussed how to research the industry you were entering, and from there, gauging the suitable salary. Often times, people ask for too much money or not enough at all. So, Laughlin encourages independent research in regards to the trends of that company and how to negotiate for a salary that accommodates your lifestyle.

She also discussed types of benefits and how to negotiate for the ones that suit you.

Any student can attend the programs free of charge. Job Offer and Salary Negotiations is apart of a series of workshops that Career Services organizes. The next one will be held Wednesday, Oct. 21 from 3-4 p.m. and the topic will be business etiquette.

If you are interested in attending any workshops or you want to set up an appointment for career evaluations and/or personal tips, contact Career Services at (936) 294-1713 or visit the fast link on the SHSU website.

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