Filling a new position

David Kapalko has been appointed the new assistant director for parking and transportation for SHSU’s department of Public Safety.

This position is new and was created because of the recent growth of the University; Kapalko is the first officer to take on the responsibility. “This position was created to better manage the parking resources available on campus and to help develop and maintain a transportation system to be implemented in the very near future,” Chief Kevin Morris said.

“This position will oversee all aspects of the Parking & Transportation Office (Parking Permits, Administrative Parking Citations, Parking Rules & Regulations, and Transportation).”

Kapalko has a B.S. in Law Enforcement and Corrections from Penn State. He went from being a University Police Officer to a University Parking Manager, which was fairly common at the time. He has since served as a Manager or Director of Parking and Transportation at several universities, including UT-Austin. He also worked as a parking consultant for a Parking Planning and Engineering firm for three years.

“Mr. Kapalko was chosen due to his prior experience in Parking & Transportation Systems on university campuses. In addition, he brings a wealth of knowledge and contacts from throughout the country,” Chief Morris said.

In his new position, Kapalko plans to improve communication with students and begin developing a new transportation system. “I hope to solicit more feedback from our customers, and implement new technology where appropriate to improve customer service,” Kapalko said.

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