Getting it ‘write’ for students campus-wide

Many students are apprehensive about asking for help when working on essays and term papers. Some feel embarrased, while others just will not admit that his or her work could use a little something extra.

This is where the Sam Houston Writing Center comes in.

The Writing Center is a service used by classes across the campus to help students better themselves as writers. Students who visit the Writing Center will receive one-on-one help with one of the trained staff members, who will help with brainstorming, organization, research, proofreading and overall fine-tuning.

“This is not a remedial process,” said Writing Center Director Ann Theodori, said.

The diverse staff is made of 25 undergraduate and graduate students from varying majors such as English, Criminal Justice, and Biology. In addition to hands-on help from the staff, the Writing Center also features a resource library, handouts, style manuals, and a small computer lab.

Students also tend to have a common misconception that the Writing Center is only available for assistance with English papers. Theodori emphasized that this program will help students with writing assignments from any class campus-wide.

“We will help any writer with any assignment from any department at any stage of the writing process,” Theodori said.

Since the Writing Center typically holds more than 4,000 sessions per semester, and the demand for help has increased recently, an appointment is required. the Writing Center is open everyday and each session is completely free.

For more information or to set up an appointment, visit the Writing Center in Farrington 111 or call 936-294-3680.

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