Open to the public

The Walker County Cowboy Church will be hosting a trail ride on Saturday, Oct. 24. This event is open to the public, and SHSU students, faculty, and their families are encouraged to attend.

The family oriented ride is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. and participants are encouraged to arrive early with their horses. There will also be trailers available for people who wish to participate, but do not own a horse.

Many students may not have ever participated in a trail ride before, so they do not know what to expect with this type of event.

“Well, they can expect fun, for one thing,” said Walker County Cowboy Church Pastor Mark Terry, said.

Along with enjoying the scenery and meeting new people during the 10-mile trail ride, students can also learn about horses and the history of trail rides.

The ride is expected to last three to four hours, but Terry says that the length may vary.

“The more people you have, the longer it takes because you get stalled and have to take more bathroom breaks,” he said..

After the ride is finished, the dinner bell will ring and participants will be served cowboy beans, which is a combination of meat and beans, corn bread, hot dogs, and soft drinks.

If the weather turns bad, Terry says they will reschedule the event in the near future.

To get to the trail ride, take Highway 30 for approximately 2.5 miles. Then, turn left onto FM 1791 and travel for 8.5 miles. You will then turn right onto Nixion road and follow the signs.

For more information, contact Mark Terry at 936-662-4333.

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