TCU professor to talk about food contamination

Matt Chumchal, assistant professor of biology at Texas Christian University, will discuss his research on “food webs of the South Central U.S.” on Thursday (Oct. 22).

The Biological Sciences Department Seminar Series lecutre will be held from 4-5 p.m. in Lee Drain Building Room 214.

Chumchal’s research, “Patterns of HG Contamination in Food Webs of the South Central US: Potential Causes and Consequences,” focuses on the mercury contamination of fishes in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas.

“Mercury contamination in fishes is an important issue because it can accumulate in humans and have negative consequences for human health,” said Chad Hargrave, assistant professor in SHSU’s biological sciences department. “In this light, Chumchal will demonstrate the trends in contamination across this region highlighting areas that are highly contaminated, and he will discuss the reason why these regions have such high levels of mercury contamination in fishes.”

Held each Thursday, the seminar series is intended for the public and addresses current research being conducted by a guest professor in a way that the general public can understand.

For more information, contact Hargrave at 936.294.1543.

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