SFA’s Sports Editor talks about the Jacks

The Houstonian: Offensively wise what should Bearkat fans be looking forward to?

The Pine Log: Definitely big passes from Jeremy Moses from Baytown Lee. He graduated early from high school and is now a junior he has a record holder at SFA for second most yards passing Vincent Pervis our running back is averaging 72 yards a game and around 437 yards gained in the season. On receiving Duane Brooks is leading the team 94 yards per game and has three touchdowns. Aaron Rhea leads the team with six touchdowns receptions.

TH: What kind of style does Moses bring?

TPL: They call him “The Gun Slinger” for a reason.

TH: How about on Defense? What kind of attack should fans look for?

TPL: Devin Ducote is a red shirt sophomore linebacker with 51 tackles and one sack he redshirted last year because he tore something in his leg. Line backer Jabara Williams has 47 tackles and line backer Cody Barlow has 44 tackles both are very good linebackers. At defensive end Tim Knicky eight and a half sacks he is the one who the quarterback will have to look after.

TH: How about special teams?

TPL: Evan Engel our kicker is 12 of 16 on the year that’s all really.

TH: You guys beat a big team in McNeese two weeks ago, what did you see in that game?

TPL: I was sitting in the press box it was a really exiting game to watch it went down to the last second of the game and if we hadn’t got that call, and get that last possession of the game we would have been in trouble. But we got the job done in the game. Both teams didn’t play to their potential. I have seen both teams play way better. They had lots of nerves and pressure for both teams.

TH: You guys beat up on Texas College 92-0. Really?

TPL: Apparently Texas College is a NAIA team I don’t know what the point of that is but we could have played one of the high school teams here. I think it was a moral booster for us.

TH: Now lastly how about that coaching staff? You have JC Harper from McNeese how has he been?

TPL: I believe it’s his third season with the Jacks. He hired Shannon Dawson the offensive coordinator and he has really helped. He has given us a spread offense and that has changed Moses quite a big. Harper did a great job on that hire.

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