Time to clean house

Clean up your mess! This is the message that the Bearkat Democrats wanted to send to Congressman Brady by bringing gifts of mops and buckets to his office last Thursday, Oct. 22.

This event was spurred by a speech given by President Obama on Oct. 16 that called for Republicans to “grab a mop” and help clean up the mess that was created by the Bush Administration.

“Bringing the mops to the Congressman was kind of our way to let him know that we are watching him, and that we would like for him to grab a mop and help clean up the mess instead of standing around telling President Obama that he is holding the mop the wrong way,” President of the Bearkat Democrats, Kendall Scudder, said.

Students were armed with mops and buckets full of failed Bush Policies to urge the Congressman to move forward with this call.

“There were so many of these policies that the papers were falling out of the top,” Scudder said.

“They were policies ranging from the war, to the patriot act, to No Child Left Behind. They scaled all the different failed policies throughout all eight years of the Bush Administration and the six years of Republican rule,” Scudder said.

All over the nation, college Democrat chapters bonded together in this call to action, totaling 14 chapters. SHSU and UT were the only colleges in Texas who took part in this event.

“We did it to a larger scale than any other group in the country,” noted Scudder.

Currently there has been no response from Congressman Brady, but the Bearkat Democrats hope that they got their point across to him.

“I really hope that even if he doesn’t make a public comment on it, that it at least sits in the back of his mind to let him know that we are watching him and that we see him just standing around speaking on talking points, and not actually contributing to this process,” said Scudder.

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