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Michael Jackson was the Elvis Presley of his generation. He was an immensely talented performer whose inner demons caused secret addictions that tragically shortened his influential life. He was also an overrated musician whose largely impotent and meaningless lyrics were elevated by their legendary beats and ability to entertain in a way that made an everlasting cultural and musical imprint on society.

“This Is It” chronicles the preparation for the final concert tour that would never begin. The film is amazingly focused on the complexities of a vast production, making it a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a genius.

Through this careful examination, “This Is It” illustrates Jackson’s obsession over every aspect of the performance, granting some insight into the possible cause of his addiction. He was responsible for everything and nobody can comprehend the overwhelming nature of this grave responsibility.

“This Is It” does a great service by showing the people who were inspired by him, which will forever be one of his most indelible triumphs. The film shows the people who were involved in the production, making the unawareness of the participants of the upcoming events even more tragic.

The exploration of every detail of this production is unparalleled in both its audacity and expansion is mainly what “This Is It” is about. The film does a tremendous job of focusing on his performance art, which is the most entertaining and unique part of his stage persona. Unlike most musicians, Jackson believed that the performance was more important than the actual music because it was easier to express his intended meaning through performance rather than lyrics. Jackson knew his strengths as an artist and focused on those to enhance his memorable performances, which is what will make his legacy an unforgettable tribute to the emphasis on the art of the performance.

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