Care package drive held for Veteran’s Day

Let them know we care. On Veteran’s Day this Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2009, the Political Science Junior Fellows will host a Care-Package Drive from 2:00-4:00 p.m. for American soldiers in the Middle East.

The care packages will include 20 items that have been sponsored by organizations on campus, businesses and citizens all around the community. The items in these packages range from razors, sanitary wipes and eye drops, to gummy bears, DVD’s and magazines. These packages will be shipped directly to the troops and donations from various groups have been taken to help pay for the $11.95 postage fee for each box.

“For one hundred boxes that’s $1,195.00,” Richard Yawn, Advisor for the Political Science Junior Fellows said. “Currently, we are less than one hundred dollars short of getting them all paid for.”

The Junior Fellows decided to get the entire community involved in this drive in order to unite the community under a good cause.

“The Junior Fellows have assisted with care packages in the past, but this time they decided to take a lead on it and make it a community effort–something that would bring different groups in Walker County behind a common cause,” Yawn said. “And this seemed like one that might do that. We also wanted to let the troops know that the whole community supported them–not just particular factions.”

With the recent shooting at Fort Hood, a lot of support is going out to the military and this is just one more way for people to show the troops that they are backed by their country.

“The recent shooting at Fort Hood was a tragedy,” Yawn said. “While I don’t think people will connect it with the food drive, I do hope that it spurs an interest in ensuring that our troops get the care that they need–both physical and emotional.”

So far, the Junior Fellows have received many sponsorships for the packages and after seeing how this drive goes, they plan to host another next year.

“We are very happy with the community support we received,” Yawn said. “We had more than twenty-five individuals, businesses, and organizations sponsor different items or otherwise support the drive. Next year, when we have some of the logistics down, we hope to double that number, but we are very happy with this year’s support.”

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