Dr. Marks shares insight into life lessons

The Golden Key International Honour Society held a “Last Lecture Series” featuring Dr. Bobby K. Marks as the guest speaker on Nov. 10.

Golden Key chose Marks because he was one of their very first honorary members.

According to Golden Key President Jadrian Wooten, the lecture, called “Lessons Learned through a Lifetime of Experience,” was about Marks’s life lessons that he had learned. Wooten said that in the lecture, Marks told students that they cannot be perfect because that would only lead to disappointment, but that they should give everything their all and do their best.

“Last Lectures” are given by speakers as if it is their absolute last lecture, usually focusing on life lessons that they have learned and would want people to know. Universities have been doing “Last Lectures” for quite some time, and it recently became big when Dr. Randy Pausch agreed to give a “Last Lecture” at Carnegie Mellon University. It was soon discovered that he had been diagnosed with cancer and it would actually be his last lecture. Pausch then wrote a book based on the last lecture he presented.

Like Pausch, this lecture was Marks last lecture.

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