SHSU and Huntsville come together to show support for overseas troops

“I am a soldier, I fight where I am told, and win where I fight.”General George S. Patton once said.

For all the things that American soldiers put their lives on the line every day for, Sam Houston Political Science Junior Fellows wanted to let them know that on Veteran’s day they were not forgotten. By organizing a Care Package Drive, the community of SHSU and Huntsville extended a hand to those soldiers stationed in Afghanistan to show them that they have this community’s support.

After sending out a call to the community looking for sponsors to donate items, 25 different organizations, businesses and people answered.

“We had individuals help along with organizations, including the Sam Houstons’s Department of Education,” Mike Yawn said, advisor for the Political Science Junior Fellows. “They collected like 500 packages of gummy bears for the troops to give children.”

All together, there were 100 care packages assembled for the troops. “At least half and maybe all will be sent to Afghanistan,” Yawn said. “They are going to be sent to a nephew of a former SHSU professor, Dr. Barbara Tyson, who will then hand them out to his platoon.”

The Junior Fellows wanted to host this event to show the troops overseas that the community of Huntsville and SHSU stands behind them, and honors and supports what they do for our country.

“We had a lieutenant colonel from SHSU’s ROTC program stop by and tell us how much it meant as a former soldier stationed in Afghanistan to get these types of things, so this event is good for the troops,” Yawn said. “Also I think it is good for the community to find a cause that can unite them.”

The Junior Fellows plan to host this event again next Veteran’s Day, so if any students are interested in becoming a sponsor, they need watch for the announcement in the fall from the Political Science Junior Fellows requesting sponsors.

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