In the Tuesday, Nov. 17 issue, there was an article titled “Hearts of Gold” that caused a great reaction. However, after further research, it was discovered that there was actually a miscommunication between the Administration, The Houstonian, and Bearkats For Life. The Houstonian was told that the organization broke school code while in actuality, Bearkats for Life was given special permission by Danny McDaniel to place the chalk in its location.Below are letters of clarification on the matter.

Below is a statement issued to Bearkats For Life regarding the manner from Dean of Students John Yarabeck.

“I regret that your group has been placed in any negative light. As I explained to you earlier, chalking the sidewalks is a violation of the Code of Student Conduct as it can be considered defacement of University property. However Mr. McDaniel was able to give your group permission to chalk the area outside the Katclub, as that area is considered part of the LSC and he supervises this area.

My reference to what was said in the paper about “people being overzealous” was not at all a statement about yours or any other specific group or organization. I was just trying to use an expression to try to make a point.”

Below is a letter from the president of Bearkats For Life Sylvia McMillan to The Houstonian.

I want to thank you for your response to the miscommunication made between the Houstonian, Dean Yarbeck, and Bearkats For Life. I just wanted to thank you as the editor of the Houstonian for getting in contact with us so quickly, and working with us and not against us. I’m sure you already know that I sent Bearkats for Life a message last night in regards to the article. And, yes, they have commented on the article like crazy ever since it came out. But just like I had to make it clear to them that we didn’t violate school policies even though that was published in the article, I also had to let them know that there was a miscommunication between the three parties. So I just wanted to forward you the message I sent to them so you could be on the same page and so you can hear from the direct source. Thanks again for your response. You made my job a lot easier.

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