SGA is moving along

After last week’s debate about the Scudder-Goolsby Parking Act, Senate Resolution F09-02, and after a few minor word changes to the bill, the Student Government Association unanimously passed the legislation in Tuesday night’s meeting.

“This is an issue that has been bugging students for years and somebody needs to do something about it,” Chief of Staff and author of the bill Kendall Scudder said.

The bill has four different planks. The first calls for the administration to re-evaluate parking lots and administer correct markings to ambiguous parking spots. The second requests that Sam Houston State University Vehicles follow the same parking procedures as students and faculty/staff when parking in fire zones. The third recommends that the administration consider the construction of underground parking when designing new campus buildings within the Master Plan. The last plank recommends a panel of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and representatives from both physical plant and the University Police Department to be “assembled” to address these problems.

Scudder said that every single plank of the bill is important.

“Ultimately, this bill is the cheapest parking bill to ever come to the senate and that is why they are going to take this one seriously,” Scudder said.

At last week’s meeting, two Sense of the Senate Resolutions were tabled due to the meeting running over time. The two Sense of the Senate’s were passed unanimously by the Senate at this week’s meeting. The first, Sense of the Senate Resolution F09-02, In Memoriam of Rachel Pendray, is in remembrance of the three year anniversary of Pendray’s death. The resolution is resolved with the “Student Government Association of Sam Houston State University send out this note of eternal memoriam to the family, friends, and classmates of Rachel Pendray.”

“I think this is very important that we pass this Sense of the Senate Resolution because it is important that her family knows that she is never forgotten,” Secretary and author of this Sense of the Senate A. Rene’ McKelvey said.

Sense of the Senate Resolution F09-03, In Memoriam of Those lost at Fort Hood, is in remembrance of the victims of the Fort Hood shooting. The Resolution is resolved by the Student Government Association expressing their condolences and “never-ending support to the families, soldiers, and friends of those lost” on that day.

Senator Christina Smith, who is from the Fort Hood area, said, “I think this would be really nice for the families if we passed this, to show that we support them.”

The meeting ended with two Senate interns, Chelsi Crane and Sarah Helton, being unanimously nominated into the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. According to Vice President Lance Weaver, the intern position was resurrected at the beginning of the year.

“They get a whole semester to get involved, get to know the veterans, get to know what is going on and decide if they really want to be a part of this,” Weaver said.

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