Skillet comes to Houston amidst avid fanfare

This Saturday, fans of rock ‘n roll will have their musical stoves heated up when Skillet comes to Houston.

The band has been cooking since 1996, and they are the headliners on the Alive and Awake Tour.

Although their shows have evolved into major productions, they weren’t on the scale of epic proportions.

“When we first started, we hardly sold any records, and no one knew us,” said lead singer and bassist John Cooper. “But the people who liked us were fanatics. They would drive for 13 hours, and there would only be 35 people at the show.”

In the course of 12 years, Skillet’s success has far surpassed the days of small crowds. With purpose, and loyal “panheads” backing them, Skillet has experienced a streak of achievements.

In 2005, their album “Collide” received a Grammy nomination for the Best Rock Gospel Album. Two years later they were nominated for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album for “Comatose”.

Skillet released “Awake” in late August, and it has reached #2 on the Billboard top 200, while currently approaching gold record status.

“It feels like we’ve kind of exploded on the scene,” said Cooper.

Aside from their sterling accomplishments, Skillet has always maintained certain principles within their personal lives. In an industry where rock ‘n roll is often preceded by sex and drugs, they keep a healthy alternative in their perceptions.

“For us, rock music has always been about the music. I just loved the way it made me feel,” said Cooper.

Cooper feels that the connection between faith in God and being a public figure is a pertinent career aspect. The source of their music is divine inspiration, and he believes that it can give people hope.

“I meet a lot of people that say they didn’t want to live anymore,” said Cooper. “They say our music made them go on.”

The Berry Center in Cypress is in for a treat, as “panheads” and music lovers will have the chance to sweat profusely and lose their voices in the name of rock and hope. Cooper says, even before they became popular, Texas fans always showed support, and that it’s their favorite place to play in.

“This is going to be our biggest show yet in Houston, and we’re really excited about it,” said Cooper. “Don’t mess with Texas.”

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