Say Anything among four acts that bring energy to Warehouse Live

On Nov. 16, the Warehouse Live venue in Houston hosted a wonderful concert. The show comprised of four acts, including Miniature Tigers, Monnen, Eisly, and the headliner, Say Anything. Being an avid fan of Say Anything since 2004 with the release of their album, Is A Real Boy, I had to see one of my favorite bands.

Miniature Tigers started things off with a solid set of songs from Tell It To the Volcano, and closed with a new song. I did not know of this band, but they were tolerable, reminding me of a more mellow version of Kings of Leon.

Moneen took the stage with a mission, and that was to infuse the crowd with a burst of energy with their short, high-octane set, which included songs from The Red Tree and The World I Want to Leave Behind. I was also unaware of this band, and they thoroughly impressed me. After their set, I quickly marched to the merchandise booth and bought their album. Moneen is definitely one of the most underrated bands out there, and they are well worth the purchase of a CD.

Eisley played through a set of old favorites, adding to the mix a few new tunes from the Fire Kite E.P., including a new song, “Smarter,” featuring Max Bemis on guitar. I have long been a fan of Eisley, and it was great to finally see their amazing talent live. All three sisters (Chauntelle, Sherri, and Stacy) in the band produce vocals that have a way of tugging at your heart.

Before Say Anything took the stage, the atmosphere was engulfed in anticipation for the headliners to come on stage. Once the band went into “Fed to Death,” the rest of the concert was a blur of loud music, screaming and pure ecstasy, which was exuded through the enthusiasm of the fans. With an incredible set list, Bemis and his gang plowed through songs from each of their major albums, including favorites “Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too”, “Woe”, and “Shiksa”.

Bemis spent time in between songs asking the crowd if they liked the new album, and a vigorous praise instantly rushed across the venue. Bemis also spent a lot of time thanking everyone for attending, and genuinely poured his heart out on stage for the fans both in songs and through his thankfulness.

The bands encore consisted of a solo performance of “Crush’d” by Bemis, which had the crowd swaying to this heartfelt song. Finally, the band performed “Admit It!!!” as their final song, causing pandemonium among concert goers.

Whatever your opinion of the band, there is no denying that they hold honesty and integrity in their music and, undoubtedly, put on one of the best shows I have ever attended.

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