The Sigma Chi fraternity will be holding their 56th annual Fight Night event this Friday night at Shenanigans.

Fight Night kicks off Friday, Dec. 4 from 8 p.m. until Shenanigans closes. Tickets are $10 for pre-sale, $15 at the door, and $50 for VIP access.

Fight Night will feature live music and 12 fights between Sam Houston students. The event will also hold a “Smasher Car” event outside of Shenanigans for anyone who would like to partake in demolishing a car with a baseball bat for $5. All funds raised will be donated to families in need.

“We collect all of the money that we raise and give it to families in need,” Sigma Chi President Trey Bing, who is the main coordinator of the event, said. “Family Faith Church and the Lake Road Baptist Ministry each give us a family to sponsor. Sigma Chi then donates Christmas gifts to these families as charity.

“In the past we donated to hurricane relief groups and safe houses. We were able to raise around 10 to $15 thousand.”

Sigma Chi teamed up this year with USA Boxing to bring forth the 56th year of Fight Night as Sam Houston State University. The event coordinators will also collect money from local businesses, including the Exchange, the Arbors, Nutrition Central, and the Farmhouse Caf.

The students fighting for Fight Night were chosen at the beginning of the semester from a group of people who signed up. USA Boxing provided the fighters with a free month of training leading up to the event for safety precautions.

Other precautions being held for the event include an on-site ambulance, paramedics, and trained USA Boxing officials.

“We wanted to take as many safety precautions as possible,” Fight Night assistant coordinator Erich Stolz said. “We had some injuries last year and our safety crew took care of everyone. We want to be as careful as possible this time around.”

Sigma Chi also looks to hold other fundraising events in the not-too-distant future.

Each semester, the fraternity holds a golf tournament open to anyone who would like to play. In the future, Sigma Chi looks to hold a running event to raise awareness for cancer. The fraternity also has plans to hold an event for the passing of their brother Chris Pickren.

“Fight Night is just one of many events to come from Sigma Chi,” Bing said. “We want to stay active in the community and continue to help out as much as possible.”

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