Nontraditional window display in NYC

(AP) – Tradition is taking a back seat at a window display on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan this holiday season.

Directly across the street from the traditional Lord & Taylor holiday windows that attract families is a more edgy display.

It’s not X-rated – just XOXO.

That’s the name of the clothing line being advertised in a storefront, with one young woman stripping to her underwear while another sends text messages or applies makeup.

Carol Powley created the window for the California-based company and calls it “a play on voyeurism.”

“You are looking into the life of a young woman, her apartment, her beauty,” Powley said.

The scantily clad models were hired to appear in the leased window space for 10 days.

For model Helene Traasavik, it’s nothing unusual.

“It’s what I do every day at home,” she says – dressing, texting and “just hanging out.”

But there’s one difference.

“I’ve got an audience,” Traasavik said.

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