Caught in a bind?

Ever just had a little bit too much “fun” one night?

Maybe pass out, find yourself awaken by a police officer, who then places you in silver handcuffs and throws you in the back of a squad car?

Or, on a lighter note, maybe you have had a contract dispute with the landlord at the apartment you live in.

If any incidents such as these has happened to you, then you might be in need of some legal advice.

If you are a student at Sam Houston State, you are in luck as that advice can be found in a quick and timely matter at the SHSU Students’ Legal Services office located in the Lowman Student Center, Room 330.

The Student Legal Services department is available to all current students at SHSU, by appointment. They are able to give valuable legal counsel on issues such as: Landlord-tenant disputes, criminal law, domestic relations/family law, employment law, consumer and civil matters, contract law, simple wills and name changes. There is no fee for legal counseling, as it is already included within students’ service fees paid with tuition.

Student Legal Services is not able to represent students in an actual court of law or draft any legal documents. Their purpose is to be a beginning step in the legal system and to provide council on whether or not the student should or can take further legal actions. The department has one licensed attorney on staff for these consultations. Legal Services will refer students to outside agencies or private attorneys concerning legal issues if needed in a particular case.

Attorneys are bound by rules of confidentiality; therefore, all student consultations are kept confidential. Student Legal Services keeps no record of any legal consultations in any way to prevent confidentiality from being breached in cases.

Simply visiting the legal services office in the Lowman Student Center, even without an appointment, can provide valuable information on legal information. Representatives there can give out reference brochures on how and where to find proper legal advice for each special case brought before them.

So, if you or someone you know ever finds themselves in a situation that calls for legal help, make sure to visit the SHSU Student Legal Services department first, to be given beneficial information that can help you move a case forward in the legal process.

For more information on Student Legal Service’s, please visit or call 936-294-1717. SHSU Legal Services is located in the Lowman Student Center, Room 330.

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