Taking education to the next level

Another semester is passing by and, for future graduates, life choices and world experiences loom ahead. As job numbers decline, competition increases in the job market and many students worry over finding employment. A determining factor on a resume is the level of education and skill with an advanced degree through graduate school.

The number of applicants at graduate schools is increasing and a P.h.D. or M.B.A. may be the requirement for any professional advancement in the future. For teachers, lawyers, doctors and researchers an advanced degree is a must, but for those just wanting to improve skills and specialized knowledge for a competitive edge, it is simply a wise choice.

Around 52 percent of students working on their M.B.A.’s receive job offers before graduation, according to gradschools.com, proving graduate schools offer great prestige and a broad social network.

At SHSU, teachers have come together to prep those ready for the next step in education by creating review sessions for the Graduate Record Examination. There will be three sessions throughout the semester on Feb. 19-20, March 26-27 and April 16-17. The sessions are free and all students are eligible. The only requirement is that the student must provide a study guide, available at bookstores.

The test is designed to measure a student’s readiness for graduate-level work and includes analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. The GRE is accepted at over 3,000 graduate and business schools. Getting a good score is essential since admissions and financial aid consider GRE scores.

Students can participate by signing up at the SAM Center or CHSS Building. Space is limited and fills up fast, so register quickly. Also, free online practice tests are available at http://gre.org.

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