Leave our Marlin alone!

As a journalist at Sam Houston State, I am flattered to see SEC schools interested in our coaches. But as a student I hate it. I would like to issue a warning to Auburn and say “Leave our coaches alone!”

If nothing here at Sam Houston, we have a great basketball program. Over the past twelve years, Bob Marlin has built one of the most respectable programs in the state of Texas. In five of the last six years, Marlin has had a twenty win season. In the past decade, Sam Houston State is second in wins in the state of Texas, and now places like University of Houston, and Auburn are interested in our coach.

I know that if Bob Marlin takes these jobs it will be an honor for him; he will get to be on a huge stage like the SEC or the Conference USA. But what about us?

Who wants to go to Auburn? We beat them by 35 this year. I would rather him stay here. For 12 years, Marlin has stormed the sidelines, terrorizing officials, coming up with a brilliant triangle-and-two defense. He has had 17 All-Southland Academic players, three “Southland player of the years”, four All-Americans, 38 All Southland players, and we are going to let this guy go?

No thank you, I would rather jump off of Lee Drain Building than let this guy go to some crappy program.

Consider this column a plea to Bobby Williams, don’t let Bob Marlin go, I will cry!

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