Upcoming carnival

Program Council is asking students to “step right up” for the event of a semester this Thursday.

From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., the LSC Mall area will be transformed into a carnival with amenities like air brush tattoos, high striker, can smash and even a trunk toss.

“A trunk toss is just like a ring toss,” said Joshua Whitley, a senior marketing major and this year’s PC social chair. “You basically have to toss the rings on an elephant trunk.”

Whitley, who planned the event, says attendance is expected to be high, and promises students prizes galore.

“Students get to play as many times as you want, and each time they participate in a game they will receive a raffle ticket,” Whitley said. “We’re going to be giving away Snuggies, dorm room kits and movie packs.”

In addition, PC will also raffle off two massage cushion chairs and a mini refrigerator. Pizza and drinks will also be served to attendees at no cost.

PC expects a large turn out.

“For mall area events, we estimate 500 people, but there could be more or less,” Whitley said. “This is just a carnival of fun…I thought it would be cool to bring that atmosphere to the mall area.”

PC is the student-run branch of Student Activities, Whitley said. Approximately nine chairs are hired to plan campus events, which range from multicultural to entertainment to spiritual events. PC is also comprised of committee members. Committee members volunteer at events, pass out flyers and make banners.

Right now, PC is looking to hire an education chair. The education chair would be responsible for planning an RSVP etiquette dinner and a new program entitled “Scour Bowers.”

“‘Scour Bowers’ is a team trash pick up after all the football games,” Whitley said. “The organization that picks up the most trash gets a cash prize.”

For more information on PC, visit their web site at http://www.shsu.edu/~org_pc/.

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