Laying the groundwork

Approximately 60 students attended the first “Grassroots: Conversation on Leadership in a Diverse Community” of the semester on Sept. 22.

Speaker Richard Lewis, a coordinator for the minority male initiative at Lone Star College, spent the duration of his 45-minute speech stressing to students the difference between a job and a career

He also urged students to exhibit the self-confidence needed in a leader.

It’s not what people tell you that makes you who you are, he said. It’s how you feel about yourself.

He also involved attendees in his presentation by answering 12 questions from the audience, as is the structure of all Grassroots conversations.

The program, which started five years ago, is designed to promote the career aspirations and academic achievements of SHSU’s minority students. Since it’s inception, more than 25 minority leaders from the local and state community have visited the university.

This year, the Grassroots program will have a speaker each month. It begins at 5 p.m., and following the presentations, participants are invited to continue the discussion over light refreshments at the SAM center.

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