Striving for the strike

Tumbling pins was orchestrated at the Huntsville Lanes Monday night as SHSU Greek Life kicked off their week with the annual Bowl-a-thon.

In a bowling league fashion, each Greek chapter pre-chose members to represent their teams for the evening.

The immediate goal of the contest was to knock down as many pins as possible in the nine frame set. The true reason behind Bowl-a-thon was to raise money for a charitable donation to United Way, a non-profit organization that places an emphasis on community enhancement.

Participating Greek life were tasked with acquiring sponsors that were willing to donate a certain amount of money per pin that their teams knocked down.

The crew with the most amount of money raised at the end of the night was declared the winner. It was a spectacle, watching members of different fraternities and sororities from different councils intermingle with one another.

“Coming from someone who is not Greek, it’s great that everyone can come together and bowl.

Stated Lauren Bacon, a Freshman at Sam. Winners of the contest was team 8. Coined The Kardashians, the team was composed of the Zeta Tau Alpha, Phi Delta Theta, and the Omega Delta Phi chapters.

“This experience has been a great opportunity to promote Unity with everyone” said Samantha Stewart, a senior representing the Zeta Tau Alpha sorority. “Nights like these remind me why I decided to join the Greek system.”

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