The almighty dollar

During my first month of college, I was reminded that I needed money. I was so occupied with freedom I neglected to realize the need for an occupation.

Learning the difference between freedom and independence was as important a lesson as it was frustrating.

Honestly, a part of me did not want the commitment that a part-time job would require. I remained mesmerized by the late night adventures of anything prohibiting academic productivity.

My delusion eventually ended when my mother explained that money is not a commodity when it comes to random requests. Applications and interviews ruled my thoughts as my refund check slowly diminished, stress replaced my dorm room comfort.

I started to question whether I was prepared to juggle school and what I considered to be a social life with a part-time job.

The majority of my friends felt having a job and a full schedule of classes at such an early point in my college career was hazardous. I thought either I would eventually settle into a reasonable work schedule that didn’t interfere academically, or I would crash and burn in a fire of ineptitude and poverty.

The latter scared me enough to fumble over my words when I accepted my first interview offer independently.

I consider this one of my first acts of true initiative; an everyday occurrence but it always stands out in my mind because it reflected personal growth.

I gradually found a flexible medium that allowed school and studies to co-exist with enough time for ample rest or spending time with friends.

This may be a story given in hindsight but as a senior picking the last hours off my degree plan, I may experience the same uncertainty this winter as a college graduate.

The idea of acting upon my desires will keep me as warm as the jacket I grab on the way to a greater quality of life.

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