A century of homecoming spirit

The centennial homecoming celebration officially kicked off yesterday with a rally in the LSC mall area.

Several organizations contributed to the event by handing out prizes, cookies, and flyers.

The Bearkat Marching Band put on a performance while the spirit teams pumped up the crowd.

University President Dana Gibson gave a pep talk to start out the rally.

“Part of my job is to brag about the university,” Gibson said.

“One of the reasons why I brag about the students is because we have such a motivated, energetic and enthusiastic student body.”

Head Coach Willie Fritz, also among the speakers, brought forth support for the SHSU football team. He encouraged students to practice their cheers for the game.

“We need you to get loud and proud on Saturday night,” said Fritz. “Wear your orange and remember that when we are on offense, that is the time you need to be loud.”

Victor Carmichael, a senior football player, spoke on behalf of the football team.

“As far as the football team goes, we are excited,” Carmichael said. “We need everyone to come out and support us.”

The 2010 Homecoming King and Queen candidates were also introduced at the event. The 17 hopefuls gave small speeches on the why the student body should vote for them to represent SHSU.

The rally ended with a performance from the Orange Pride Dance team along with a special presentation by the Bearkat Marching Band Drumline.

Voting for Homecoming King and Queen will end at 6 p.m. on Wednesday. SGA referendums, all of which call for increased fees, will also be on the ballot.

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