Guest artist Matthew Lewis draws a crowd

Guest artist Matthew Lewis lit up the LSC mall area with his colorful creations as a part of Program Council’s Art Affair held last Thursday.

A crowd of students came out to watch Lewis draw free-hand chalk murals depicting bright landscapes all to the beat of music in a matter of fifteen minutes; a unique style unheard of by many.

This combination draws people into the art and evokes emotion in the audience as the drawings evolve from abstract markings into beautiful scenery.

“The way he draws to the music is really mesmerizing and fascinating to watch,” sophomore Chloe Flowers said after watching a mural being drawn. “It’s surprising how fast he is able to draw these big murals.”

The event was put on by Program Council’s entertainment chairs as a different way to expose the student body to a unique form of art while entertaining them at the same time.

Many students were also excited at the chance to win one of four of Lewis’ murals by entering into a free raffle.

The technique behind these creations, Lewis explained, is similar to painting by numbers, using lecture chalk on a simple bed sheet to draw several layers to create one large scene in the end.

The idea of combining music with drawing is a way for the two to flow together simultaneously to capture an emotion and create the landscapes portrayed in the drawings.

Lewis travels all over the United States as a guest artist and motivational speaker on subjects relating to high school and college students such as student leadership, and career preparation.

Ironically, he has no degree in art.

“I got a D in art in college because I really didn’t think I would use it for anything in life, and now I’m doing this,” Lewis said.

To find out more about Matthew Lewis, his drawings or his speeches, visit his website at

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