Skinny boy: Dirty dish digression

When I sat down to write this article, I intended to take a witty stance on some important issue, like the foul odor that haunts parts of campus or how the vending machine on the second floor of the Dan Rather building still will not accept dollar bills.

Yet, I digress and will instead bore you with a tale of dirty dishes.

It all started in the kitchen. I live in a dorm on campus. Actually, it’s the only dorm with a full kitchen that residents can access. Lucky us, right?

Well, as nice as having a kitchen is, it comes with one big, stinky, nasty problem. Dirty dishes.

I have to admit, I’m not the tidiest person in the world. My dorm looks like a tornado has hit it and my backpack is full of loose sheets of paper floating around all over the place, but I cannot tolerate having a dirty kitchen.

A dirty kitchen causes all kinds of stress and problems for everyone. First, having a dirty kitchen increases the risk of contamination and food poisoning. Gross!

Second, I absolutely HATE walking into the kitchen to grab a plate, only to find that they are all dirty.

So, I have to wash the plate, use it, and then wash it again because, unlike some, I am a courteous person and wash my dishes when I finished with them.

Again, I have to admit that sometimes, when I am running late, I will throw my dishes in the sink and go to class, but I always go back to wash them later.

Another phenomenon that’s just as bad as the dirty dishes stacked everywhere is the nasty collection of leftovers that tend to clog the drain. It’s absolutely nauseating to have to pull week-old ramen out of the drain before washing my dishes.

So, as a solution to this kitchen catastrophe, I am going to give you step-by-step directions on how to clean a kitchen.

Step one, place all excess food in either the fridge or the trash. Step two, using hot water and anti-bacterial dish soap, wash all dishes with a sponge, or wash them all in a dishwasher if you possess such a luxury.

Step three, place all dishes on drying rack or dry them with a clean towel. Step four, wipe down all counter tops with an anti-bacterial wipe, making sure to clean the stove, microwave and any other appliance you may have used.

Step five, CLEAN OUT THE SINK!!!

I hope this helps those of you who obviously do not know how to clean a kitchen and hopefully helps those of you dealing with the same problem I am. Let’s all step up and clean up the kitchen.

Thomas Merka is the entertainment editor for The Houstonian. He is a Sophomore Broadcast Journalism major, Theatre minor.

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