Site helps students plan out college roadmap

A new online tool has emerged to helps students map out their college career and organize their class schedules. is a website, which has created several different academic apps, that believes it can help students be better prepared for college life.

After registering for an account, students are are able to compare several degree plans, and the are asked to select one.

The next step is to create a degree timeline. MyEdu provides an app that gives a visual roadmap of the courses needed in order to achieve the correct amount of credits to graduate with a chosen degree.

Using this app, students can plan out their courses for each semester and even see how long it will take to complete those courses. Also provided is a percentage of how complete a students’ schooling is.

While choosing classes, students can also set up their class schedule that they can later be shared with friends. During this process, they can see the ratings of professors at SHSU and the expected workload, along with the average GPA given in that class.

After classes are chosen, students now can access the textbook app, which shows a list of textbooks required for class as well as given a list of websites to compare the prices.

The point of MyEdu is to help students keep up with their credits and ensure that they graduate on time. The Credit Manager app shows all of the credits that have been attained. The app also includes any credit by exam credits, along with transfer credits, and credits obtained on campus. The same app calculates a student’s GPA.

Only 53 percent of students will graduate within six years and the average timeframe to earn a college degree is 5.3 years and rising, according to the U.S. Dept. of Education.

93 percent of students who used MyEdu obtained a GPA of 3.0 and above and 70 percent of MyEdu users graduated on time in comparision to 36 percent nationwide, according to MyEdu’s web site.

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