Top 10 Reasons to Go Green & Love It

Have you noticed the “green” movement that is slowly beginning to grip our nation? We are a culture full of trends, and this trend is one that may have a long-lasting positive impact.

For the past few years, the media and modern science has brought to light the dire straits our consumer culture is creating. We are all guilty of acquiring, consuming, and condemning products that are cool for a moment. The negative influence of our bad habits is beginning to make a difference in our livelihood.

Most students agree with the “green movement” but aren’t quite sure how to get started. Moderation is key and starting slow is ok. Here are a few tips from the Sam Houston State University’s “Green Kats” organization on how to make a difference at your own convenience.

1. Parking on Campus is Lame:

Until the 300:1 student-parking spot ratio is resolved, there are other options. Ride a bike. The bike racks on campus are never full to the max and everyone could use a little exercise. If this option isn’t for you, make sure to sign the SHSU shuttle petition.

2. It’s the Cool Thing to Do:

The trendiness of green products is completely undeniable. The recent influx of TOMS shoes is proof of this. This may be the one time in your life the cool thing to do is good for you and the environment.

3. It Can Save You Money:

One thing that unites college students everywhere is that we are all short on funds. Managing your electricity consumption can benefit your pocketbook and the environment.

4. It Can Make You Money:

Saving your “coke” cans can make you money if you choose to recycle them. Instead of throwing away old clothes, take them to a resale shop. While you’re there, look around, you might find something cool and one of a kind.

5. It’s Getting Easier:

Stores like Wal-Mart are beginning to keep their shelves stocked with more “green” friendly products than ever before. The “Great Value” Wal Mart brand is even producing many environmental and consumer friendly products.

6. Health Benefits:

While helping the earth, you can also help yourself. Weather you choose to walk to school or buy organic products, your body will benefit.

7. Renew, Reuse, Recycle:

When you’re finished with this news paper, find a recycle bin. Give it to a friend. Use it to make a paper mache project, so long as it doesn’t find its way to a land fill.

8. People Matter:

Many of the “green” products on the market are also “Fair Trade” certified. This simply means that no one was exploited to get you your morning coffee.

9. Support Local Commerce:

Shopping and dining locally can benefit all of us. You’ll save money in gas and help create jobs in Huntsville.

10. Every Small Change Counts:

Pick the low hanging fruit. Start small and you can and will make a big difference.

If you interested in more information about how you can make a difference, find the “Green Kats” page on facebook. They meet once a month and host many environmentally friendly events.

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