Importance of moving forward

There comes a time in life when we’re challenged to make a decision as to whether or not we’re ready to move forward or fall back into old patterns. As children, there were many things we did regularly that older or more mature people looked down or even frowned upon.

What happens when you are on the verge of embracing the new you and someone tries to remind you of who you used to be? When we’re just looking to move into a new lifestyle, change is inevitable.

That’s not only annoying, but it can also be discouraging. After working diligently on this new change, to be able to see yourself in this new light is a good thing, but some people around you may not exactly embrace this “new you.” This is a sign that your associates need to change and immediately.

Personally, I come from a background which causes the person I have become to look like I’ve died twice and resurrected into a brand new creature.

In many ways, this is exactly what happened. As a non-traditional student, many different unsavory lifestyles have been graced by my unholy presence. I spent many years of my life enjoying the “high times” of life, whether it be by inhalation or consumption, so much so that there came a time when I was the most well known middle man in all of Bluntsville.

I frequented all of the infamous venues, and party go-ers everywhere knew of the magnificent B-Rob.

Although I am still a partier at heart, I’m now 23 years young and indulge in a much different way. God is the source of my celebration and there is a party anywhere and everywhere I go. Also, I have begun to embrace the more dignified and professional ways of life and have since become a self proclaimed “professional Christian.”

People from my past have had a difficult time looking me in the face as if I am serious. But, just a little food for thought, our generation thrives a lot on both individualism and, ironically, the need to be loved and accepted by a group or family.

So, for that to be true, we must know that one characteristic of love is the ability to push a person into who they really are and not who they seem to be. Whomever is not speaking progressivism into your life is not really for you and is, ultimately, a catalyst of your slow but approaching destruction.

Surround yourself with people who are going or already are where you are headed.

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