Inventors realize Harry Potter technology


Magic Wand

Remote Control

The Magic Wand is a universal remote control that has 13 “magical functions” that can be designated for different actions with a TV. To change channels, a simple flick of the wand up or down, to turn the volume up or down, make a clockwise motion. Other gestures include “Big Swish,” “Push Forward,” “Pull back” and two single and double taps. The wand sells for around $80.

Flying Car

Terrafugia, a company based in Woburn, Mass., plans to introduce its “car-plane”, the Transition, next year. The Transition has wings that can unfold for flying and fold back up in one minute, ready to drive. The plane is designed to fly below 10,000 feet, while most commercial planes fly between 30-50 thousand feet. The company is working closely with the FAA to meet regulations for the aircraft and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to meet safety regulations. The basic model will sell for $194,000 and so far the company has orders for 70 vehicles.

Invisibility Cloak

Scientist in the UK have developed a breakthrough flexible film that could be used as a “cloak on invisibility,” according to a report in the “New Journal of Physics.”

The material, called “Metaflex” is composed of microscopic structures that form a “metamaterial” that has the ability to control and channel the flow of light on a fundamental level. The ability to manipulate light is what creates the illusion of invisibility

The “real” Daily Prophet

Much like the Daily Prophet newspaper of Harry Potter, Entertainment Weekly, in 2009, embedded a tiny video screen in a two page CBS ad. The screen is controlled by a slim LCD screen inserted between the pages. The screen uses chip technology to store up to 40 minutes of video content. The video plays each time the page is turned.

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