My Sam portal to replace SamWeb for registration

Students will encounter a new registration process this semester.

University officials hope this new procedure, which will call for students to log into the university’s My Sam Portal instead of SamWeb, will make a process that many students call tedious and confusing a bit easier.

“We made this change to help SHSU become more technologically advanced and help students find everything they need in one place,” Assistant Registrar Kelli Leaf said. “[Now,] when a student logs into My Sam, they can access the new registration process by clicking on the ‘Registration’ tab at the top of the page.”

Leaf says its going to be very different from how students have registered in the past.

Students who experience problems can visit the Office of the Registrar’s web site to watch video tutorials, view common error messages and go through a troubleshooting process.

“We have created a how-to page with a step-by-step video tutorial,” Leaf said. “I think students should remain patient. If students have problems with registration, go to our web site and you can find the right help.”

While the new system is different, Leaf expects a smooth transition.

Registration will begin on April 1 for summer classes and will open on April 15 for fall classes.

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