A little glitter goes a long way on a Lady Gaga costume

Okay little monsters. The time is almost here. Tomorrow, Mother Monster herself will once again grace the city of Houston with her presence at the Monster Ball tour. Now, I know that there is probably one very important question that some of you may be asking yourselves; “What am I going to wear?”

Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous, yet captivating, fashions choices, so deciding what to wear to one of her concerts can be a little intimidating, but with a little hot glue, glitter and a whole truckload of creativity, you can create an outfit that will wow all the other little monsters.

When designing your outfit for The Monster Ball, start by finding something that inspires you. This will be the concept that your outfit will develop around. For example, if the sky fascinates you, build a costume involving stars or, as Lady Gaga herself has done, lightning.

If your muse is avoiding you and you’re having trouble becoming inspired, try searching online for pictures of Gaga to get some ideas. If you’re a guy and having trouble creating a masculine Gaga look, research Adam Lambert. His style echoes Gaga’s in a mellow, masculine fashion.

After you have a concept, grab some paper and a pencil and start sketching. Drawing is an excellent way to visualize what your outfit will look like when completed. When designing the costume, remember that over-the-top and flamboyance are what Lady Gaga embodies.

Once the drawing is done and you’re happy with your design, take a trip to Hobby Lobby. Walk around the store with your drawing in hand and look for supplies that you can use to construct your costume.

A few supplies you should definitely pick up while at Hobby Lobby include: a hot glue gun, glue sticks, sewing scissors and glitter.

After returning home from the store, find a large space to work on your outfit and start creating. If your design involves sewing and you don’t know how, find a friend that can help, or, if that fails, use the hot glue gun instead. A low-temp hot glue gun is excellent for piecing fabric together without the hassle of using a sewing machine.

Another important factor to consider when getting ready for the concert is makeup. Lady Gaga is also known for her dramatic makeup that includes everything from prosthetics protruding from her face to over-exaggerated winged eyeliner.

With the concert happening tomorrow night, you may not have time to do something complex. For a last minute outfit, try jazzing up something already in your closet. You guessed it, once again this is where the hot glue and glitter come into play.

Hopefully my advice has helped you along your artistic journey that is constructing a Lady Gaga themed outfit. Remember, when in doubt just ask yourself “What would Gaga do?”


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