Bowling for Soup’s new album proves to be a summer essential

There are a few things on everyone’s summer time checklist: sunscreen, beach towel, swimsuit and, most importantly, a soundtrack.

What would summer be without cruising down the highway, windows down and a CD blaring that has been deemed your personal soundtrack for that summer? Well, I can’t help pay for your new swimsuit, but I have found the perfect summer soundtrack.

The Emmy nominated group Bowling for Soup will be releasing their 11th studio album titled “Fishing for Woos” on April 26. After listening to the album, I had one question pop into my mind, “Why have these guys not put out an album since 2009?”

Regardless, I’m glad they’re back and with an album that’s sure to please the group’s fans that still sing along at the top of their lungs to “Come Back to Texas” or “1985.”

Starting off the album is a song that strikes a chord with anyone in a relationship. “Let’s Pretend We’re Not In Love” is an extremely catchy tune with a chorus that will be stuck in your head for hours. The song asks a former lover to “run away and pretend [they’re] not in love” so that the relationship can start all over.

Bowling for Soup recently premiered another track on the album titled “S-S-S-Saturday” to a worldwide audience at the Professional Bowling Association’s Tournament of Champions on ABC Television. This song has already become my summer anthem for 2011. To listen to this track yourself visit

Perhaps the song that will raise the most eyebrows for its raunchy nature is “I’ve Never Done Anything Like This.” As you can guess from the title, this song may be one you want to skip when riding with your parents, but then you’d miss an extremely funny story about a provocative girl who claims to be innocent.

Overall, I have to give this album two thumbs way up. This new album echoes the fun, yet mature sound that made fans fall in love with Bowling for Soup in the first place and is sure to make your summer a little bit sunnier.

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