Newman campaign responds to Houstonian article


An article was published recently about Katie Newman and her campaign for Huntsville City Council Ward 2. While I can respect the integrity in which the article was written, I have to question the intentions in which the title was written. It leaves a slightly bitter taste in my mouth.

According to the Huntsville City Charter, section 4.02, to become a candidate for a City office, one: must be a citizen of and qualified voter of the State and the City of Huntsville; be a resident of the ward in which the Council seat is sought; be free of debts in taxes or any assessment of the City; be at least 21 years of age on the date of the election; and be a resident of the City for at least 12 months next preceding the election.

Katie is running for a City Council position because she cares about the citizens of Huntsville. She has experience that will enable her to better serve Huntsville: she sits on a citizen board, she has grant writing experience, she understands Robert’s Rules of Order and she’s a concerned citizen who thinks she can make Huntsville a better place.

It is true that Katie has decided to put off pursuing a college education. The reasons behind that decision have not and will not affect her campaign for City Council. Nowhere in the Huntsville City Charter does it mention the educational background of a candidate as a qualification to run for City Council. However, she believes that her experiences the past year will allow her to relate to a different group of people: young people who, for personal or financial reasons, need to take time off of school to support themselves.

Katie was also a student. She attended Sam Houston State University for 3 years and has a deep connection to the campus and its students. She understands the issues that face students on our campus every single day. She certainly understands better than any of the current council members we have right now. While she may not be a student any longer, she hopes that students feel comfortable being able to talk to her about issues.

Ward 2 is an extremely diverse ward. It encompasses middle class families, student housing, retirement homes, and many more types of people. Katie plans on fighting for every single one of those people, young or old, college educated or not.

If you would like more information about Katie’s campaign, check her out on Facebook at “Katie Newman for Huntsville City Council Ward 2”, check her out on Twitter at “@ElectKatie”, or send an email to

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