NAACP wins National Chapter of the Year

Proud—- The only word that can describe the way I feel about being a part of Sam Houston’s own NAACP Unit 6816.

It’s enough that we are the oldest and strongest civil rights organization in history, founded in 1909. It’s amazing that we have thrown countless programs encouraging diversity and unity on Sam Houston’s campus for decades.

It’s humbling and almost unbelievable that we were recognized with a Sammy for Outstanding Cultural organization (which means the world to all of us). But at the recent National Convention, July 23 – July 28, Sam Houston State University was awarded the prestigious and highly sought after title of National Chapter of the Year for the second time in a ROW.

The amazing thing about that is it’s not the first time that this has happened. Through dedication and a commitment to innovation and service of all people, Unit 6816 has proven that they will stop at nothing to make the world a better place. We will continue in our journey of excellence throughout the coming year and have every intention of bringing the title home again… for the third time.

This is truly a testament to Sam Houston. Without this University’s dedication to its students and the desire of the faculty to ensure they have a full college experience and get involved, I may have never been a part of the greatness that is the NAACP.

Being a freedom fighter has made me into a better person. I’ve learned to empathize with others, become more resilient than I ever thought I could be, and have been put in a position to really help people and make a difference.

Being a Bearkat allowed me to be a freedom fighter. My heart is full and humbled by all of the recognition and congratulatory comments by my colleagues, and I can promise as the current president of SHSU NAACP Unit #6816, we will not let you down. Fired up and ready to work!! Eat ‘em up Kats!

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