SGA passes class ring payment plan to increase participation

The Student Government Association passed the Ring Payment Resolution (F11-03) during Tuesday’s meeting, allowing all students to opt-in to a savings account to begin paying for a class ring before they acquire 75 credit hours.

“This plan is to make it more feasible for all students to pay for a ring,” Student Body President Tyler Eberhart, said.

One of the longest traditions of SHSU is the presentation of class rings engraved with “honor” Through this payment plan freshmen, sophomores and transfer students have a chance to get closer to this SHSU tradition by not having to wait to start paying for a ring until they have 75 credit hours.

SGA has taken on this resolution since they are considered “the official voice of the student body” and it hits home for Eberhart.

Eberhart first heard about the idea when he was a member of the Ring Ceremony Committee.

“I can’t afford a class ring,” Eberhart said, “and this way I could have.”

For students to opt-in to the payment plan they have to start off with a minimum payment of $100 to the savings account. The plan will not cost anything extra to students. Each semester the students will pay an additional $100. (If they cannot afford to pay a semester, they are not obligated to.) This will enable students to have roughly half of the entire ring’s cost paid for by the time they are through with five semesters at SHSU.

The average prices for class rings at SHSU are: $600 for a 10-karat women’s ring, $780 for a women’s 14-karat ring, $1055 for a men’s 10-karat ring or $1500 for a 14-karat ring.

Should a student wish to not make payments for whatever reason, they can opt-out through a written request.

Should the plan go into effect, the interest gained from the separate savings accounts will go toward a ring scholarship presented by SGA and towards paying for the official ring ceremonies. As it stands, SGA would receive one-fourth of the interest for the scholarship, and the remaining three-fourths will go towards the ring ceremonies (which is currently paid for out-of-pocket by the Office of Alumni Relations).

The resolution, if put into place by the university, will be handled through the Office of Alumni Relations.

Eberhart said the next step in implementing this plan is speaking with the university president’s cabinet and then setting up access to it through the Banner System.

SGA hopes that the payment plan will be implemented at the end of the year.

SGA meetings are Tuesday at 6 p.m. in LSC room 320.

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