Former SHSU student Pinc Gator takes his own bite out of music business

If you follow sports on campus, you may hear the new Bearkat theme song titled “Eat ‘Em Up Kats,” blaring on the sound system.

The song was written by alumnus Carl Henderson, otherwise known as rapper Pinc Gator, a 2004 graduate.

During his time at SHSU, Henderson was a member of the football team and wanted to create a new fight song for the university with a hip-hop style to it. However, he was never able to develop the song.

He was inspired to write the song after watching the first round playoff game against Stony Brook.

“I told my frat brother after the game I was going to record a new SHSU fight song as soon as possible,” Henderson said.

“Sunday morning I got up at 6:33 am and wrote it without a beat. It was heavy on my mind.”

Though his rapping career has been in the works for a while, it was after graduating from Sam Houston that his career really started to take off.

“I have been seriously been recording and pursuing the music since 2006, but it’s been on record since 1999,” said Henderson, who has also performed at numerous SHSU talent shows.

Since then, Henderson, with his Pinc Gator alias, has managed to record quite a few songs, including a remix with former NBA Star Shaquille O’Neal and rock and roll hall of famer George Clinton.

“Shaq heard a song I did called ‘I’m a Que,’ he said.

“He heard it on a Thursday, and found me and he was at my house that Sunday. Shaq is a big kid. We had a good time doing that remix after he squeezed into my studio.”

In July of last year, Henderson released his first album titled “100 years” available on iTunes. Although it was his first album, he has released roughly 100 songs.

Henderson has also released songs dedicated to particular teams, including the Houston Texans and New York Giants, and major colleges such as Alabama, LSU and Baylor.

“I have 21 more on the “to-do list, and over a thousand Facebook messages to filter through,” he said.

While that may seem like a lot, Henderson’s work doesn’t stop there.

“I am working on another album, two more mix tapes, and plenty of educational songs geared toward elementary and high school curriculum,” Henderson said.

Henderson hopes to make “Eat ‘Em Up Kats” a benefit for students with proceeds from the song going toward a scholarship fund.

Even with his growing music career, Henderson still highlights the importance of education.

“Attending Sam Houston State University was the best decision I have ever made in regards of my education,” he said.

“I want whomever is reading this to know that hard work doesn’t guarantee anything, but without it you don’t stand a chance. The only person stopping you is you.”

To keep up with Henderson, follow him on twitter, @pincgator, or on his Facebook page at

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