Home made gifts work best for Valentine’s Day

Remember that $5 Hallmark card you gave your sweetheart last Valentine’s Day?

It was adorable, but all you did was sign your name and write “xoxo”. It didn’t have the same impact as homemade cards from kindergarten.

For students on a college budget, diamond tennis bracelets and five-star dinners are a rare occurrence.

Forget the commercialized decadence and luxury that breaks the bank and show your love with scissors, construction paper, and glitter.

Here’s a few, simple projects that will knock your date’s socks off AND they are quick to make:

“Reasons I Love You” Scrapbook

This is a simple way to display your collection of memories, quotes about love, photos, and favorite recipes.

Each page shows why you fell head over heels for that person. Make the pages bright and colorful. Fill it with movie stubs, a coaster from a special night on the town, and this article.

Love Box

Grab a shoebox or old box. Cover it with a pretty wrapping paper or brown paper that you can decorate yourself.

Cute a hole in the top and don’t forget to wrap the lid separately so the lid can be taken off. Fill it with love quotes and small nostalgic items.

Thumbprint Valentine

Cut sheet of paper into squares. Use an ink bad or nontoxic marker to color in your thumb and make two criss crossing thumbprints in the shape of a heart on each one. Add a love quote at the bottom and you have amemorable V-day card.

Paint Chip Valentine Bookmarks

Paint chip cards are free, so don’t feel bad about taking a few. Use a heart-shaped hole punch and punch a heart out of each color on the paint chip. Tie a pretty ribbon at the top.

These Valentine’s Day projects are just inspiration. Use creativity to show your love this year. You may be surprised at how far a home made gift will go.

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