Sam Houston Percussion Group concert to combine art, music

Music students will showcase their original compositions in a combination of music and art as the Sam Houston State University Percussion Group presents “Notations” on March 5.

The performance will include music interpretation inspired by student artwork including ink drawings, oil paintings and a charcoal drawing. The compositions will aim to convey the artwork as sound, according to John Lane, Ph.D, director of percussion studies.

“I thought it was interesting to have two students do different interpretations of the music because it opens up more possibilities with the sounds,” he said.

“Notations” will feature a variety of percussion instruments including xylophones, marimbas and piano. In addition, the performance will have projected images behind the musicians on a screen and a lighting display by Carrie Barton, technical director of the Performing Arts Center. The added elements will help to make the concert more visual for the audience, Lane said.

The performance will also feature unusual elements such as sirens, gongs dipped in water, and the sound of wind in order to create a “whole world of sound,” according to Lane.

He said the collaborative concert was important to create a relationship between art and music.

“It gives us a chance to have discussion about art and to create much more interesting work,” Lane said. “It makes them [the students] think about music in a different way.”

Lane founded the Sam Houston Percussion Group in 2006 and since then, they have performed at a wide range of events including venues around campus, Huntsville and abroad in Panama.

He hopes the audience will connect with the message of the performance; something he said is enhanced in a live performance.

“People in general don’t see enough live music,” Lane said. “It [live music] adds an element of humanness from person to person. It’s very real and it’s a great way to communicate.”

“Notations” will be held in the PAC Concert Hall at 7:30 p.m. Admission is free for everyone. For more information, call the School of Music at 936-294-1360.

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