Kudos and Thanks Award given to SHSU faculty, staff

Roy Botard was surprised when a group of Sam Houston State University faculty and administrators filled his office handed him the Kudos and Thanks (K.A.T) Award.

In January, Botard received the K.A.T. award after an anonymous student nominated him for his extra effort helping them.

The K.A.T. award is a monthly program, which is sponsored by the Division of Student Services that recognizes SHSU staff and faculty members based on their outstanding service to both the university and students.

Botard is the Construction Manager in the Facilities Management division on campus and learned about award program from his own experience with it.

I had no idea the [K.A.T.] program existed until I was presented with the award, Botard said. I now know it is a program for honoring faculty and staff for their good deeds above their normal duties.

Every month, students can nominate a professor or administrator by submitting a nomination ballot at the designated locations across campus or online.

The nominations must be very specific in pinpointing the specific situation or occurrence that determines how the nominee has excelled in serving their fellow Bearkats.

The K.A.T. award program is extremely confidential with the submitted nominations and do not release the name of the student who nominates the winner.

After receiving his K.A.T. Award, Botard is not sure who nominated him or even why he was nominated and won the award.

I really have no idea [who] nominated me, Botard said. Especially since I didnt even know the program existed.

Every month the winner of the K.A.T. Award is selected by a committee that votes based on the nomination ballot they collect from the previous month.

Its an honor for faculty, Botard said. But as I understand the program, all submittals are kept confidential.

The K.A.T. Award publicly acknowledges individuals that outstandingly serve others in the university community.

Faculty and administrators from the division of Student Services share this recognition with the Bearkat community by presenting the award to the winner each month.

I think any program that recognizes special deeds done by special people is a good thing for any business, Botard said. Especially a public entity where merit awards are not easily attainable.

Botard is this semesters first K.A.T. award recipient but there have been five other recipients since August of 2011 including Rachel Hurst in August, Jore Varela in September, Kathy Roberts in October, Scott Vieiera in November and Shirin Edwin in December.

Februarys K.A.T. winner has not been disclosed but will soon be announced. For more information on the K.A.T. Award program or how to nominate a SHSU faculty or staff member, visit http://shsu.edu/faculty_staff/kudos-and-thanks/past-winners.html.

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