The Words leaves it to imagination

Every story has many layers of complexity. The Words is a story about a story within a story. It seems like a complex movie, but surprisingly, it is not.

The plot line is fairly easy to follow. The flashbacks to the different stories are distinct and therefore understandable. Through the different characters and the different time settings, the story flowed well.

The different plots were made intense through effects. The film makers changed the colors of some scenes to emphasize the different time periods. The music for the movie leaves the audience on the edge of their seats. Music can bring so much to a movie; it can help move the viewers to different emotions. One scene in particular is emotional and, with the help of music, brought tears to the audiences eyes.

There is at least one hole in the plot that did not make any sense. In this scene, a couple has difficulty with money, but they get married and go to Paris for their honeymoon. If they are having financial trouble, how could they afford the honeymoon in Paris?

Throughout the movie, the audiences minds are reeling over the different plot lines. The story brings the viewers in because the stories are intertwined with each other and it takes focus to watch. The end of the film leaves the audience questioning whether it is reality or fiction.

The acting in the movie is respectable. Bradley Cooper, Dennis Quaid and Jeremy Irons are the big stand outs in this feature. The actors portray their characters with power and passion. The viewers become convinced that the different characters are believable.

As far as the technical side of the film, it is not up to major film production standards. The movie feels like a made-for-television. The editors played it safe. There are sudden cuts because of the knotted plot lines, but other than that, nothing spectacular.

The Words will have an impact on its viewers. It is a great movie that keeps the audience thinking. It is not as extreme as Inception, but it still keeps the watchers on their toes.

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