Photography major still available for students

In contrast to rumors that there is no longer a photography degree offered at Sam Houston State University, art department officials declared Wednesday there is still a Bachelor of Fine Arts in photography.

The Department got rid of the B.A. in photography at the start of this semester, but it is still possible to get a B.A. with a concentration in photography by taking Studio Art classes with electives in photography. The B.A. in photography was under the Mass Communication Department and included a minor and foreign language classes.

“I heard that they are taking away the [photography] program from an advising counselor,” photography alumnus Jessica Gomez said.

“Advisors were confused at the beginning of the semester.” Finley said. “It seems they thought there wasnt a photography major.”

About six years ago, the Art Department got rid of its Bachelor of Science in photography.

“It didnt really make sense to have a B.S. in photography,” Finley said. “Students were graduating and were having trouble getting anywhere with it.”

The current B.F.A. in photography is more specialized than the B.S. or B.A. were. It became evident to the Art Department instructors that the B.F.A. students had better work, better composition and better developed skills because they were immersed in so many photography classes.

“The B.A. in photography students were too watered down because they took so many other classes not photography related,” Finley said.

If a student is already enrolled in a photography degree that they began prior to the Fall 2012 catalog year, they can still continue that degree; they do not need to start a new degree.

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