On-campus concert by Christian rap artist, Cody Miles, delivers strong message to students

A Sam Houston State University senior opened up for hip-hop act Beautiful Eulogy at a concert on campus Thursday. The student, Cody Miles, is a solo Christian rap artist who threw the free concert at Old Main Pitt.

More than 300 students packed into the stone steps around the pit and immediately warmed up to Miles performance. After performing several of songs, he invited his best friend, senior Michael Rodgers, on stage to perform with him.

Miles and Rodgers combined to perform a unique style. Rodgers played guitar and sang backup vocals while Miles rapped the verses. This gave the audience what Miles said he loves about old-school hip-hop. Miles also added an additional verse to one of his songs that he made the audience promise to keep a secret before finishing his performance.

“This verse is not allowed to leave Old Main Pitt. I’m not kidding, I’ll walk off stage right now,” Miles said.

Audience members held up their pinkies and promised.

Beautiful Eulogy out of Portland, Ore., was the headliner. Many of the audience members were familiar with their music. The three members of this band made an excellent team and performed well. The audience members really got into the performance.

After they finished with their performance, one of the band members informed the audience that he had been asked to give a small message. The audience members encouraged him to continue.

He began his message by defining leadership and what four qualities make for a good leader: honesty, forward looking, competency and inspiration. After explaining these qualities, he challenged the audience to ask themselves who they are following.

“I really liked Beautiful Eulogy’s teaching of spiritual leadership, said Stacy Monks, a senior who attended the event. I think it was a good message for everyone and serves as a reminder of who we should be looking to as a role model and a leader. I also really enjoyed the concert. It was really relaxed, but everyone seemed to be having fun and enjoying the music.”

This concert was a success. Everyone performed well and the audience enjoyed every bit of it.

“I’ve seen Cody perform before, senior John Vandivier said. He was on top of his game. I never knew about the band Beautiful Eulogy before. The style and quality they presented was both unexpected and high quality. The turnout was great, the sponsors were great, a quality sound system and the stage location were all cool, but at the end of the day it was the quality of the performance that mattered.”

DJ Sermon was the first of three acts, and he worked the audience with a mix of hip-hop tunes.

Monster Energy Drinks sponsored this event and handed out free drinks to everyone before, during and after the concert.

With the great quality of sound, excellent performances and an entertaining evening full of secrets, sermons and free Monster energy drinks, this event deserves 5 out of 5 paws.

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