Wiley: Last minute costume ideas for a Halloween procrastinator


It’s the night before Halloween and youve just been invited to a party. The only problem is you have to wear a costume and you dont have one. Well don’t freak out, I have a few clever ideas that I have accumulated over the years that will help you in a flash.

First, lets do a few don’ts of Halloween costumes:

Now if you are still with me and not running to return that $100 sexy Snooki costume, I have a few inexpensive, clever last minute costume ideas.

Here are a few for the girls:

Now I dont want to leave the guys out:Go as the Brawny man! All you need is a flannel shirt, jeans and some work boots. It cant get any simpler or guy proof than that. Let everyone know that you have The Strength to Get Things Done! Girls will swoon.What about Mark Zuckerburg? Go grab that grey t-shirt, black zipper hoodie and jeans. Its a plus if you can make yourself a Facebook logo or name tag. Dont want to be too obscure!Finally, you could always go as Danny Zuko. Go to Wal-Mart and find a white t-shirt in your size. Now buy the shirt two sizes down and put on your darkest pair of blue jeans. Make sure to have large amounts of gel in your hair, and for added bonus, roll up a carton of cigarettes in your t-shirt sleeve. Grease Lightning!

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