Students take over Lowman Student Center for Halloween festivities

The Lowman Student Center (LSC) was transformed into a Halloween extravaganza during Program Councils sixth annual LSC Takeover on Wednesday. From 8 p.m. to midnight on All Hallows Eve costumed students roamed the grounds of the mall area and all the floors of the building hunting for free thrills.

Students warred in a huge tent, shooting each other with laser beams through thick fog.

Others waited in line to pass through a conference room transformed into a spooky haunted house.

It was scary and thrilling, Tori Cook, biology junior, said. People were jumping out at us and there were people on the floor in the dark that you had to step around. On a scale of one to 10 on how scary it was, it was an eight!

Tay Whatley, an accounting freshman, interjected, It was not that scary! Ive been through enough haunted houses to know!

Students could make their own dog tags and sand candy.

Fake money fluttered around eager participants in the Money Machine, who were trying to capture as much as possible in 30 seconds to trade in for candy and chips.

It was fun and exciting, Tonisha King, a biology sophomore, said. I caught $214. You stuff as much money in your clothes as possible for prizes.

Three psychics, specializing in readings from facial to tarot cards to color auras and relationships were delving into students minds.

My psychic focused on relationships based off vibes and colors, Jackie Delgado, dual criminal justice and Spanish major, said. I was scared she would say something bad, but it was pretty spot on.

Spinning around in the ballroom were Bearkats inside giant human hamster balls.

It was a workout, a good workout, Jacci Neal, psychology sophomore, said. My arms hurt, those two minutes seemed longer.

Some students got a workout while stuffed into sumo wrestler outfits, while others rode a mechanical bull for as long as they could hold on.

The LSC Takeover also included a photo booth, a showing of horror movie The Awakening in the theater and treats like sausage on a stick, hot dogs, sliders and cake.

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