“She Escapes” gives mesmerizing performances

She Escapes is a production performed by the Sam Houston Dance department. It is choreographed by three M.F.A. Dance students, BrittanyThetford, DavidDeveauand Amy Wright.

A piece that stood out wasSanctuminThe Passage. In this performance, they used string lights to dance with. The lights hung from the ceiling giving the stage a sparkling effect. Simple lights can be so beautiful. Having the dancers perform with and around them made the stage intriguing. The dancers would move with the lights and wrap around them. In points of the piece, the performers would swing the lights between other lights and that must have taken timing preparation so that the strings would not get tangled.

The lighting is always amazing in Sam Houstons dance performances. They use lighting for emphasis in their pieces. A lighting technique that stands out is the effect when there is a big bright light and there is a dancer in front, but the audience can only see the silhouette. Its beautiful just to see the figure of the dancer in motion. The rays of the light just follow the outline of the body and it is stunning to watch.

Dance pieces usually involve an open mind to creativity and art.She Escapesis a beautiful performance. We give this production four out of five paws.

She Escapeswill be performed again Dec. 16 at 8 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center Dance Theatre. There is no entry fee to the performance.

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