University Police Department: Terroristic threats, sexual assault, two physical assaults

Police say two cases involving a sexual assault and terroristic threats are closer to being solved while another case involving terroristic threats is still under investigation.

According to James Fitch, deputy chief of the University Police Department, one case of sexual assault is on its way to the grand jury for a final ruling.

Charges of sexual assault have been brought against a suspect identified in a sexual assault case that occurred in early October. However, Fitch said the case is still active and UPD is in the process of forwarding the case to the District Attorneys office to be brought before a grand jury.

According to Fitch, the case involved two individuals who previously knew each other. After the two became sexually involved, the woman pleaded for the suspect to stop but the suspect did not.

In addition, Fitch said two cases involving terroristic threats are at different stages in investigation.

Fitch said one case involved a victim was a member of a study group who received threats from the husband of another member in a group after he became upset over an unknown issue.

UPD is in the process of interviewing all involved in the incident with the possibility of a charge of terroristic threat, a misdemeanor offense.

Another case involving terroristic threats is still under investigation with no possible suspects, according to Fitch.

“The problem with this case is that we have no suspect information or leads in the case,” Fitch said. “Even though we spoke to potential witnesses, they were not able to identify a suspect or a vehicle license plate number.”

Fitch said the case involved a male student who made threats with a knife to another student over a parking spot.

When asked about two assault cases involving homosexual slurs that were reported last month, Fitch said no one else has come forward with new information, and no suspects have been identified.

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